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The Merkaba shape might be described as an interwoven double tetrahedron (IE 2 overlapped 3 sided pyramids), but it is really a higher dimensional cube. As the above diagram demonstrates, the same points of a cube can be reused to create a perfect Merkaba, which just needs to be turned into the right position.

The word Merkaba may be broken down (as with America, see Mer in language) into MER – k – A – b – A, therefore incorporating 3 versions of Mer/A and a ‘k’ and a ‘b.’ As well as this break down ‘ka’ and ‘ba’ have specific meanings.

“Ba is the Essence, living forever.
Ka is the Shadow that man knows as life.
Ba cometh not until Ka is incarnate.
These are mysteries to preserve through the ages.”

From the The Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Supplementary Tablet XIV

So Ka means life, and Ba means soul or something like what we think of as soul. The Egyptological meaning of Mer is ‘beloved’, but as I have already shown, its meaning is far more complicated.

At the previous design stage, I started to find the concept of the Merkaba coming more to the front of my mind, so in a sense I felt driven to incorporate it. Quickly I realised that at the intersection of energy patterns, the triangle peaks overlap exactly, and that those 3 overlapping and intersecting points would make a triangle. That triangle became (or matched) the base of an up pointing tetrahedron.

To find out if the base of the down pointing tetrahedron could link into the design was more difficult. Eventually I developed the irregular hexagon shape (or truncated octagon, Earth energy – combined) which neatly wrapped the 2 edges near each point of a tetrahedron of the same size, as its points pass through the energy shapes. The above video is designed to make these intersection clearer than text can.

3D interactive merkaba model.

So the Merkaba shape appears to lock into the energy patterns to stop or limit energy flow, as a yoke over life and soul. Again the concept of a Lyra comes to mind, as supposedly invented by Hermes. A tortoise shell as sounding bottom (tortoises are often part of mythologies supporting the Earth), 2 horns inserted in the front leg holes (as the 2 pillars; Boaz and Jachin), a yoke holding the horn ends to which the strings are attached (Merkaba.)

Additionally relevant is the Islamic Kaaba wiki, the black cube at the centre of Mecca and Islam. A lower dimension version of the Merkaba, and a similar word. No Mer is used, but instead 3 ‘A’s, so it still incorporates 3 iterations of the Mer/A character.

Further one might link Kabbalah and the so called Cabal, or deep state, of which Rekhmire appears to be the Great Grandaddy

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