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‘Merry’ is an interesting greeting, uniquely relevant to Christmas and interchangeable with ‘happy.’ Yet obviously derivative of the Egyptian Mer

Assyrian and xmas montage

In the above montage, I’ve replaced the Tree of Life with a Christmas tree, as I imagine the modern Christmas tree a symbol for the control of the Tree of Life. Both images are trees wrapped in crisscrossing bindings and outer baubles. Traditionally pine is the choice for Christmas trees, and these Assyrian characters pluck pine cones from the tree.

Courtyard of the Vatican, courtesy of Mookiefl on Flickr

Returning to the Vatican, we find an almost 4 metre tall bronze pine cone sculpture, attributed to Publius Cincius Salvius in the 1st or 2nd century. Standing upright much like a tree, the cone seems a curiosity unless one recognises the import of the pine cone as a symbol.

Pope Pius V (1566-72)

During the Renaissance (if not for longer) a number of popes wore the above garb, a rich red shawl-type coat and hat both with fluffy white trim. Today Santa Claus is represented in much the same way. It seems that the materialistic myth that comes along with the religious story each December, gains at least some of its imagery from the Vatican. And it’s worth pointing out that ‘Santa’ is Italian for Holy.

Considering the religious Christmas story, there are a couple of details which relate to previous pages. The site of the nativity is Bethlehem has an Arabic translation “House of Meat”, or a Hebrew translation “House of Bread” (wiki.) Whichever the correct translation, both are disturbing and suggest a theme of food.

Secondly there is the aspect of the three wise men or kings. 3 kings suggest 3 crowns as represented by the Papal tiara and the connotations of that (Apollo’s lyra energy patterns and the Earth) These men follow a bright star to find the nativity, I would suggest that that star is the Merkaba. One of the gifts for these kings or wise men is Myrrh, phonetically the same as Mer.

Hence in the story of these superfluous characters of the nativity we can see allusions to the geometries of control that I have articulated.

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