Papal Tiara

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In the previous page I alluded to the similarity between the above image and the Globus Cruciger, but more often than not the Globus Cruciger is also part of a Papal Tiara. Apparently Pope John Paul II was the last to wear a tiara only soon after his installation, but prior to his time Popes wore this ostentatious hat at ceremonies.

Pope Pius XII

The tiara is a layering of 3 crowns with the Globus Cruciger as the cherry. This hat seems to incorporate symbolically the 3 iterations of Apollo’s Lyra and the Merkaba locking them in place. In the above image of Pope Pius XII the back of his gloved hand bears an image more overtly like the Monstrance and Apollo’s lyra as he gives the benediction. The 2 raise fingers of the benediction appear to symbolise the 2 pillars; Jachin and Boaz.

Therefore a single tier crown, by extension, symbolises one iteration of the Apollo’s Lyra pattern. So the crowns of monarchs are much like the other regal symbol the globus cruciger

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