Mer: Part I – the hieroglyph

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This blurry image (from a youtube video) is the basis of much of my research and for many months I couldn’t find an actual photo of this image, nor indeed could I be sure that it existed in a tomb, pyramid, temple or papyrus. Though I was able to get partly translated the Egyptian Arabic below this image, which suggested it was from a tomb.

The Mer hieroglyph, designated ‘U6’ or hoe, is apparently the progenitor of our modern ‘A’. However with my designer’s eye I didn’t see a hoe or an ‘A’, I saw 2 straight line segments and a consistent arc like that of part of a circle. These shapes form the basis of my initial designs which are articulated in the following pages.

Eventually I indirectly got in touch with an Egyptologist who recognised it as an image from Rekhmire’s tomb. Rekhmire was Vizer to Thutmosis III and Amenhotep II, as well as high priest of Heliopolis. (Circa 1500 BC) wiki

A google search for Rekhmire will turn up few results, but will lead to a page suggesting that Rekhmire was the first Freemason Grand Master

Rekhmire’s wife was Merit (or Meryt) , a name mostly composed of this symbol.

From Rekhmire’s tomb – cropped image courtesy of kairoinfo4u on Flickr

Initially I didn’t think anything of the 2 characters erecting the 2 obelisks, but later I realised their significance…

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