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On the 5th of August 2017 the above crop circle appeared near Little Compton in Oxfordshire in the UK

Obviously this circle has inspired many people, as those at cropcircleconnector would surely attest. It has certainly influenced me too.

Whilst there are certainly fake circles, and often poor circles, only victims of ignorance and/or closed mindedness could deny that a sizeable number of them are made by un-Earthly means. I think their purposes vary, but ones like Roll Right I consider primers. When considered thoughtfully or mediated upon they can open up channels of thought and possibilities.

I have rotated the image and altered the contrast to enhance the geometry, now clearly we have a square in a circle just as with the Mer hieroglyph.

Drawing a line from a corner to the opposing circle perimeter centre and back to the other corner creates 45°. This could be calculated as 180° divided by 4 (side of the square) = 45°.

This formula will work for any shape with an even number of sides nestled in a circle. IE 180° divided by the number of sides, equals the angle created at the circle perimeter.

This shape leads to the US dollar bill, and it is on the bill that crucial numerical information is encoded, and visible for anyone to see.

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