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An overlay of the abstracted latitudinal and longitudinal energy patterns.

I’ve reduced back to a single iteration, to illustrate these inserted shapes clearly. In the smaller circle an equilateral triangle seemed an obvious choice, as a side could reflect the shamballa side, and 2 points very nearly intersected the larger circle.

Seated in the outer circle is an irregular hexagon with double symmetry, which could be described as the 2 sides of a square and 4 sides of an octagon. The choice of this exact shape is influenced by later stages (Merkaba energy plug), relevant to this stage is the fact that the inner corners fall exactly at the intersection of the 2 circles.

Mosaic floor in St Mark’s Basilica, Venice Italy. Attributed to Paulo Uccello (1397-1475)

(On finding the above mosaic I was impressed by the shamballa depicted, but puzzled by the outer border. Some time after my designs I looked again at this mosaic and realised it incorporated the triangle and the hexagon. Also the outline of each 3D shape is an octagon, which resonates with hexagon as a truncated regular octagon.)

The proportion of the circles is interesting too; their ratio is 0.786 : 1 or the square root of 0.618 : 1, or √φ (Phi). And if a third smaller circle were added in ratio, or in Phi ratio with the larger circle, its position would exactly intersect shamballa’s centre.

All 10 sets of circles

Coloured for clearer visualisation, the grey background circle defines the physical Earth perimeter.

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