Ace of Discs and the Beast

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The Ace of Discs from Aleister Crowley’s Book of Thoth Tarot contains some interesting imagery, so much so, that it seems like a ‘smoking gun’ produced by this famous satanist

Most obvious around the central circle are the overlaid pairs of wings. These suggest toriodal shapes articulated by the Tree of Life and following pages. The depiction makes me wonder if the wings on angels and demons that we see in art historically, actually refer to energy fields rather than bird or bat-like limbs .

Seeing toroidal shapes I had to experiment with overlays of previous geometries.

The One Ring overlaid has its inside corresponding with the inside of the band around the centre. The text in the band is ancient Greek; “ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ” meaning “the great beast”, seeming as a label for the one ring, and obvious satanic reference. (Before I translated the Greek I found “Ophion” who in some tellings is a Greek creator god and serpent. Ophion has much in common with the Demiurge of Gnostic tradition wiki.)

Another serpent; the norse Jörmungandr (wiki) meaning “huge monster” seems only a slight variant of “the great beast.” And much like the One Ring shape it encircles Midgard (the Earth) as the shape of the oroborous, clutching its own tail. Jörmungandr is the middle child of Loki who is the norse counterpart to the Egyptian Thoth (see Tree of Life Egyptian), and Jörmungandr is a sea serpent, what in French would be a ‘serpent de mer.’

Yet another Mer serpent is the “bestea Neptuni Quinotauri similis” or the Beast of Neptune which resembles a Quinotaur (wiki.) This beast is legendarily the father of Merovech, the founder of the Frankish Mer-ovingian kings. Quinotaur translates as ‘five horned bull’, but the beast only “resembles” a five horned bull, might the implication be a pentagram?

Back to the card…

The 12 Pentagrams overlaid wrap around the pair of pentagons, which corresponds to the inner set of points of Apollo’s Lyra, but are offset or inverted. These pentagons relate directly to the inside of the shamballa shape depicted in 2 dimensions.

Bouncing around the pentagons’ points is a 7 pointed star, formed much as Jachin and Boaz are formed, though greatly minimised. The inside of this 7 pointed star is of similar dimensions to the inside of Boaz and therefore the inside of the Earth Energy – Longitudinal.

Inside the star are 3 circles arranged in a triangle (much as in Crowley’s Hierophant), each circle is the same proportion as the inside of Jachin and also therefore, the inside of Earth Energy – Latitude. The top circle has a ‘1’ (possibly referring to the one ring or the beast) and a crescent much like that seen in the High Priestess, Across the 2 lower circle are ‘666’, the triangular arrangement and ‘666’ are references to 6, 66 and 60 and the one ring design.

So obviously there are many elements that connect to occult geometries, both those of control and those of Earth Energies. Hence this card, the “Ace of Discs” which might otherwise be called the “One of Rings” is strong evidence of the relation of the geometries I have articulated.

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