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If the Queen’s Chamber conceals a Hexa-cubit measure, a Hexagon 1 HC short of the chamber hieght, and an implied Conduit that would connect the 2 shafts, what does that mean or infer?

This means that the chamber is metaphorical of the satanic control system and its envelopment of the Shamballa shape and energy patterns, but that the conduit offers a hidden path to circumvent control.

Rather than seeing the 2 copper fittings at the ends of the shafts (called Gantenbrink’s doors) as handles, these fittings could be considered electrical terminals. Such an idea would run counter to the preconception that only modern man has harnessed electricity, even though other evidence exists for ancient electricity.

If a two cables could connect each copper terminal to its adjacent neighbour at the other end of each shaft through the imagined conduit, then these terminals might in effect be an ancient hidden switch waiting to be connected and turned on.

The wings of the two cherubs on the Ark of the Covenant, seem metaphorical of this connection, as they reach from either side, their four tips completing a circuit. Hence I imagine a back-up technology hidden in the Great Pyramid, unable to be stolen as the Ark was but waiting to be switched on.

It is time to re-engage the Pyramid, to break the satanic control structures that bind humanity in servitude. The deceivers have held sway for long enough, Armageddon is coming but the dark prophecies of the end of the World will not be the end of humanity but the end of that which controls it. Just as Ragnarök or Ragnarøkkr translates as either “fate of the gods” or “twilight of the gods” respectively, Ragnarök is not our end. Interestingly Ragnarök is to be initiated by the huge monster, Jörmungandr releasing its tail, which could well be seen as the dissolution of the One RIng.

Human potential is vast, and the greatest trick that has been played on us is to make us feel and believe ourselves to be small and weak. The deceit is being pushed and stretched to its extremes now, some people desperately hold to old beliefs no matter how ridiculous they appear objectively. Others however, see all the more clearly the shape and nature of the deception in all its forms, and generally for their trouble they are ridiculed.

I hope the information that I have presented, aides others to see as it has aided me, and that humanity breaks free of its bonds and the yoke of oppression and deception that has curtailed human potential for millennia.

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