Queen’s Chamber – Dimensions

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As stated the base of the chamber is 66 x 60, the height is 72 to the peak of the gable, but the height of the niche and start of the gable shape is 54. The ‘air shafts’ are central horizontally to the east-west walls, and are therefore the centre of each shaft is 33 from the West wall and 33 from the East wall. Much like the way the Mer line is 33° from the centre of the circle and a further 33° from its counterpart, in the one ring.

The niche is offset by 7.2 from the centre of the Chamber, exactly a tenth that of the height of the chamber.

The opening to each shaft is 2 x 2, starting 18 above the floor and ending at 20.

The angles of the gable ceiling are, 118° at the peak and 121° at each side where the gable meets the walls. Interestingly this is one configuration (of 2 possible) where the angles are altered from a consistent 120° by the smallest whole integers. Each gable side is 35 x 66.

Notably the entrance has a similar shape to ‘Shape Six’, they both have the same height, but as they’re set in adjacent walls the depth of one (12) is the width of the other. So in the diagram southern view they appear as the same shape.

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