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For a long period I intuitively felt the number 15 to be important, and like many I wondered at the meaning and significance of seeing 11:11 on digital clock faces (wiki.) At some point I realised that binary [1111] = 15, and from that time my concern for 15 waned even though I didn’t quickly decide consciously that the connection was a real one.

As articulated in letters and numbers, numbers can designate letters and visa-versa, The 15th English letter is ‘O’ which has the form of a ring just as the one ring and tarot card numbered 15 is the Devil. Hence I looked to all the ‘one’-sided binary numbers up to [1111]

[1] = 1 = A, which is the modern version of the Mer hieroglyph, see Mer in Language and America (The Magician tarot card)
[11] = 3 = C, which forms part of the three part transliteration of Mercy Seat to Sea-cy-See, look at the Ark of the Covenant (The Empress tarot card)
[111] = 7 = G, which is a signifier of 33 used by Freemasonry and articulated in letters and numbers (The Chariot tarot card, which involves characters similar to Boaz and Jachin as seen in the High Priestess but in kinetic form.)
[1111] = 15 = O, suggests the one ring and the Devil tarot card.

So each of these binary numbers may be seen to connect to symbolism previous described, from this perspective it might make little difference if you see 11:11 or 1:11, they both appear to point to the same structure.

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