Queen’s Chamber

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The Pyramid of Chephren in the foreground and the Great Pyramid in the background – courtesy of meretsegerbooks.com

The (so called) ‘Queen’s Chamber’ is below the King’s Chamber, in which the coffer is found, the coffer which could have held the Ark of the Covenant. Unlike the King’s Chamber the Queen’s is has a central North-South position.

The Queen’s Chamber was a hidden chamber, the entrance of which was discovered in 820 AD. More than a millennium passed before Wayman Dixon discovered the ‘air shafts’ in 1872. And more than a further century passed before serious attempts and technology were brought to bear to explore the shafts.

The shafts were not simply hidden by a panel, but rather the two blocks through which they now enter the Queen’s Chamber were carved so the shafts penetrated the blocks but for the thin section that Dixon was able to perceive and break through. Also when opened the shafts held three curious items; a diorite ball, a copper double headed hook and a piece of timber which has now disappeared from the British Museum (which is unfortunate, as carbon dating might have shed light on the true date of construction.)

At the ends of the shafts are “Gantenbrink’s Doors” named doors because they have copper fittings which are presumed to be handles, and also because the shafts are presumed to lead further… I wonder how many doors require 2 handles and what kind of door has no hinge, sliding or other mechanism for movement? The answer is a door that is not a door, but rather a terminus and the copper fittings are terminals.

As the Queen’s Chamber was discovered so long ago we tend to not conceive of it as a hidden (or occult) chamber, but it was. I wonder what else might be hidden from view…

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