Black Sun

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The Black Sun is an occult symbol associated with the Nazi SS and satanism, having 12 rays and a central circle I wondered if it could relate to my designs.

SS Facility, Wewelsburg Castle near Paderborn, Germany. Courtesy of Helga Gidler on Pinterest

I found that the above design is something of a re-rendering of the 12 pentagrams.

Adding back the 3 iterations of squares and Mer hieroglyphs.

But the Mers are not required for the Black Sun design.

Starting with a central vertical line that would connect the utmost and the lowest points (obviously passing through the centre) but instead of straight a dog-leg is included, top and bottom. As the line meets the square it turns 90° to the right, tracks the square until it meets the further side of a pentagram, 3 from the original, turns 90° to the left and tracks that to the pentagram point and circle edge.

This path can be mapped on each side of the three squares, therefore making 12 rays. A simple inner and outer circle mark the perimeter of the 12 pentagrams.

Having removed the pentagrams and changed the colour, I also added a central filled circle as most versions (including from the castle) contain this element. The scale of this circle is the inner shape of Boaz and Earth Energy – Longitudinal. My version is a little different to most versions particularly the dog-legs, but I found a version which has striking similarities.

Crop Circle from Ox Drove, nr Bowerchalke, Wiltshire, United Kingdom 8/08/2015. Courtesy of

The Ox Drove circle is the Black Sun symbol with the addition of an outer border. In that border are 4 circles (or semi-circles), 4 wider border sections and 4 extensions of rays, these have a thematic link to the 3 squares used to generate my design. This border also relates to the proportions of the central elements.

When comparing my version to the crop circle I found that an overlay ignoring the outer border matched the rays near perfectly, but the centre circles were too large on the crop circle. I then realised that an overlay with my version enlarged 20% meant that its edge now matched the edge of the outer border and the inner circles were now of matching proportion. So in the crop circle the design is split into two sets of proportions matching the symbol edge and then the outer border.

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