US Dollar bill

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With Roll Right still superimposed over the dollar bill, but seeing through to the other side, the position of the Department of the Treasury stamp is offset by the same angle as the harvester lines across Roll Right, 27°. This appears to be a pointer to the significance of the Treasury stamp.

This is an interesting addition to the bill, most obviously in the lower section of the shield, under the chevron is a key which has obvious connotations. Above the chevron is a pair of scales suggesting balance and control. The chevron itself is decorated with 13 stars, the same number of total stars created by the Mer hieroglyph. These details make it seem worthy of closer attention.

New information that can be gleaned include; 17 dots surrounding the key, 22 dots surrounding the scales and 40 points or cog teeth around the perimeter of the stamp.

The federal reserve stamp has 30 points or cog teeth around its perimeter and the letter L emblazoned. L might suggest the hebrew God but it is also the 12th letter of the English alphabet. Of course 12 is also clearly marked near each of the 2 stamps.

Intuitively I experimented with mapping these numbers across the web design that Mer generated. I will cut to the chase somewhat here and point out that one set of numbers mapped in alignment with the points, whilst the other mapped across the intervals between. I later realised that this could be considered as one positive and one negative, or one Jachin and the other Boaz.

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