Apollo’s Lyra

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So putting these components together we get this hidden shape, which I have come to call Apollo’s Lyra. There is a Greek myth in which Hermes gives to Apollo a lyra (or lyre) with which he is able to beguile humans. This design with strings pulled across a cavity might be allegorically described in this fashion.

After much time I had also come to consider these 2 inner shapes and Boaz and Jachin (as previously implied) thanks to many insights, not the first of which was staring me in the face from the start.

From Rekhmire’s tomb – cropped image courtesy of kairoinfo4u on Flickr

Coincident with Rekhmire’s Mer, are 2 figures erecting an obelisk each. These appear to be the 2 pillars so oft referred to.

Overlaying Apollo’s Lyra on Roll Right one can see that all the inner rings have their correspondences, as marked by the 4 black rings. The inside of the 60 point star marks the intersection of triangles, framing the inner 8 and excluding the outer 12. The inside of the 12 pentagrams matches a very unusual crop circle effect, where the crop is alternately treated. The inside of Boaz is marked by the most obvious crop ring and inside that Jachin’s inside is marked by a very faint feature that I didn’t notice till I first performed this overlay. I will include the original again, as turning up the contrast almost removes these details.

So Roll Right Stones, without being a very complicated circle appears to conceal some very complicated and hidden geometry. Rather than elucidating what is hidden, it seems to want to point and prime us to see this spell that has been cast.

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