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Animated Apollo’s Lyra, I’ve rendered this to help articulate the shape of Jachin and Boaz, notice that they move 3 main points or 108° and meet, repeating until returning to the start.

The 60 point star is animated also, for fun, plus exterior dots that time the minute loop. Notice that the black dot matches the counterclockwise external red dot every 3 points, and matches the clockwise external blue dot every 10 points.

Pope Francis stares fixedly at the “Monstrance” which is supposedly for him to receive his wafer. Mons is french for mound or higher level, so Monstrance may be translated as higher-trance or over-trance. The spines at the perimeter are similar to the 60 points of the lyra, and the circular segments reflect the lyra’s basic shape.

Apollo’s lyra is a control vector that keeps humanity and the Earth small and with limited perception. Since generating this hidden shape I have had encounters which are hard to articulate, meetings with dark entities which are of some other dimension, what previous generations might have called devils. As these encounters continued, and I have been tested, what becomes clear is the fear that these entities want to instil, and the fear and disturbance they exhibit when one is resolute and more understanding of one’s true power.

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