Apollo’s Lyra, energy patterns and the Earth

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Apollo’s lyra and the energy patterns of Shamballa are 2 dimensional patterns, but I was driven to apply them to a 3D reality. The energy patterns are a view with one forward point of shamballa pointing to the viewer and another pointing away, hence 10 points of the 12 point 3D figure populate the perimeter.

Therefore to apply the 2D energy pattern to 3D shamballa and Earth, it should be perpendicular to opposing points of Shamballa. This presents 6 possible positions for the 2D designs to inhabit. I felt inclined to find 3 positions, as to represent a trinity.

Knowing the importance of the Pyramids of Giza and recognising that this location sat squarely between 2 apexes of Shamballa, 2 position were easily chosen. The third could have been southern and matched exactly the equator, but I chose the more northerly possibility.

Looking directly from the centre of the triangulation the majority of Europe is viewable.

The southern point of this triangle is just north of Giza and Cairo, the north and west most point just makes landfall in northern Scotland and the north and east most point is in Russia. What I first noticed about this triangle was the countries and regions omitted; IE the more successful colonising nations and more powerful empires of history. Egypt, middle-eastern nation and the Roman empire are omitted, the British, French, Spanish and Portuguese are also outside of this triangle.

Whatever the aspect of the nations that fall in this shape, I couldn’t help notice the shape generally, IE narrow at the base and broad at the top, and otherwise an enclosed vessel. I wondered if this was the “Holy Grail” of Arthurian legend rather then any standard type of drinking vessel.

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