The Order of Nine Angles

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Order of Nine Angles logo

The Order of Nine angles (wiki) is a satanic group that I recently learnt of, and probably unsurprisingly their name and logo peaked my interest.

One quickly realises that whilst their name refers to 9 angles, their logo represents 7 (again 7! but 9 straight lines), it took me a little while, but I was able to make sense of this or at least I presumed a logical understanding which involves its own confirmation of a sort.

Apollo’s Lyra may be seen to involve 9 angles; 2 that reach the perimeter (1 creates the one ring, the other makes the 12 pentagrams), 3 that reach the inside of the one ring (1 unique and 2 a mirror of each other) and 4 innermost that reach the 12 pentagrams (2 mirror the other 2.) The outer 2 have 60 iterations, whilst the remainder have 10 iterations.

Hence there are 7 angles that form Boaz and Jachin, as represented in the logo. The outer 2 angles form the 2 outer rings which are represented in the logo (unimaginatively) by 2 rings. So without an understanding of Apollo’s Lyra the logo and name of this organisation would seem confused or confusing.

Considering the name “Order of Nine Angles” I wondered what the total of those angle might measure and if that number carried any significance, so in the above the same 9 angles are emphasised but in locations spread around the ring for clarity’s sake.

36° +
42.543° +
42.543° +
69.898° +
69.898° +
56.048° +
56.048° +
13.056° +
66° = 451.990° or very nearly 452°

Using the wheel previous used in Letters and Numbers, 452° completes a circuit and a further 92°, to land squarely on “G” and 33. Hence seeming to confirm that these are the 9 angles referred to. It seems also a sort of feedback almost fractal in nature, which seems to reflect the strength of the control vectors and their persistence.

Also worth reminding is that Aleister Crowley uses a similar 7 pointed shape around 3 circles in his satanic version of the Ace of Discs.

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