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Having seen the importance of the Mer hieroglyph, one cannot but notice it in language; from words like mercantile and mercenary which relate to the monetary system, to King Arthur’s wizard Merlin, which would appear to be the slightest abbreviation of Mer-Line and therefore a direct reference to my geometries or those I discovered.

There are many words to consider (including the French for sea) but the most important and relevant generally would be America. If Mer is depicted as a hoe and equals our modern ‘A’, then Mer and ‘A’ could be considered interchangeable.

Therefore America could be broken down into A – MER – IC – A. If A equals Mer, then this could be 3 x MER + IC. For a while I wondered what IC could refer to until I remembered roman numerals. I = 1 and C = 100, so IC = 99, I think the proper way to write 99 might be XCIX, but such a concern would seem semantic.

So if IC = 99, then 3 x MER + IC may be written as 3 x MER + 99 or
3 x (MER + 33) = America.

So in America we find the Mer symbol and the 33° of the one ring’s generation, and of Masonry, all multiplied by 3. The power of 3 has it’s importance geometrically, which I’ll get into later, but is similar to and has been noted by others in the name Israel. Israel is a 3 part conjunction of the Gods Isis, Ra and El, a trinity if you will.

Getting back to America, I think this constructivist name is also why “The United States” is the prefix to this nation’s name. One might easily assume that the states in question are the physical regions, but they might refer to the states A – MER – 99 – A, and therefore 3 x (MER + 33)

As a final note on this, I always thought the official story of how America got its name was tenuous at best. Supposedly named for Amerigo Vespucci a Florentine cartographer.

Why wasn’t his surname used in the naming? And why couldn’t his name be spelt correctly? Obviously these are questions that come after you concede him to be the correct Italian.

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