Norridge Wood Crop Circle

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Crop Circle from Norridge Wood, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. UK Courtesy of Nick Bull and

The first crop circle for 2019 appeared on the 22nd of May in what might be called the home of circles – Wiltshire. Already there are many ideas of the significance of this design on, though I see in it a reflection of some loose ends from my previous pages, namely the relevance of numbers 3 and 7, and binary relations.

The Norridge Wood circle may be described as 3 filled circles with 4 radiating circles surrounding the centre circle, or alternately 7 circles in total. This design offers higher complexity if we employ binary transliteration.

Consider the filled circles as binary [111] = 7
The centre circle and its radiations could be read as [10101] = 21 = 3 x 7
If we add the satellites to this form; [1101011] = 107, again with a dominate 7
Just the satellites; [11] = 3
(Note that if the binary reading is inverted, IE flattened shapes as a [0] rather than a [1], readable numbers reduce to 0, 10 and 20)

This kind of binary coding is something I had been mediating upon, since writing up binary warnings but had been tentative to extend the idea. Then appears this drought breaking circle which wraps up binary transliteration and these reoccurring important numbers 3 and 7, in a neat (I was going to say ‘little’ but the circle is hardly that!) package.

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