Queen’s Chamber – Hexagon

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As the gable hypotenuse is 35 HC, and the distance from the gable start down to the centre of the shaft is also 35 HC, I imagined the reflection of the gable shape which creates a hexagon.

Such a hexagon has all equal sides of 35 HC but is not a regular hexagon as its angles are (from top clockwise) 118°, 121°, 121°, 118°, 121° and 121°, giving it 2 symmetries, vertical and horizontal. This hexagon is 71 HC tall (1 HC short of the chambers full height)

The 2 imagined lines of this hexagon connect the 2 shafts, via their centre points.

A hexagon is a shape divided by 6 just as the Hexa-cubit is a cubit divided by 6, and as the base and main shape of the niche may be designated as “Shape Six”. So this hexagon seems further reinforcement of the hidden relevance of 6 to the Queen’s Chamber.

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