Mer: Part III – 12 Pentagrams

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With the Mer hieroglyph in exactly the same position, and using the cross bar of the hoe shape and the line of the figures skirt bottom a regular pentagram or 5 point star may be drawn.

Plus a pentagram for each of the corner Mers. It’s hard not to think of the Freemason symbol, which is not far removed from an ‘A’, and is clearly a compass and square. The former for drawing circles and the latter for drawing squares.

The Great Cross of Hendaye, located in the French Pyrénées near the Spanish border. Considered a mystery, I would suggest that the 4th side might now be better understood, especially as these shapes are similar to the hoe, ‘A’ and the masonic symbol. (The first side might refer to the one ring, but the points number 32 rather than 60)

Plus 2 more iterations of the previous, the first set at 120° rotation and the second at a further 120°. This makes a trinity of the former and a total of 12 pentagrams. Interestingly the spines of each figure is aligned to the next square side.

The 3 squares and 12 Mer hieroglyphs removed

The EU flag as a arrangement of 12, 5 pointed stars in a ring formation is symbolically akin to the overlay of 12 pentagrams.

The symbol of the Black Sun is also a version of the 12 pentagrams.

Overlay of the 60 point star over the 12 pentagrams. Here then is the structure of the web, intuitively I imagined a knitting across the middle. But before I discuss that I will need to introduce crop circles.

I will point out a few allusions connected with the numbers 1 and 12; the Sun and 12 zodiacal constellations, Jesus and his 12 disciples, King Arthur and his 12 knights. More direct than these is the hyper dimensional shape of the Earth (what I find myself calling Shamballa) in that it is made up of 12 pentagrams and a central dodecahedron. But that’s for later pages.

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