Mer: Part II – the one ring

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Next I placed the Mer hieroglyph and attached figure into a circle and found that the longer straight piece started a square in that circle. To orient the image correctly I rotated it 33°, and noticed that the baseline was then a further 33° from the circle centre. A mirrored line would then make 66° angle. (Where the baseline intersects the circle is precisely on the horizontal midpoint.)

For each corner of the square

This line will bounce around the circle 60 times, making a 60 pointed star. Obviously each point is 66°, and as measured from the circle centre, each point is 6° from its neighbour.

One might imagine that the initial 33° has a correspondence with Freemasonry, equally I imagine these 3 numbers; 66, 6 and 60 as a reference to Satanism. I think these are the numbers behind the usual 666.

When depicted as in the above triangle, one can read the 6, then the 66, and then as an equilateral triangle each 6 also reads as 60.

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