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Intuitively I thought to focus my attention on the Queen’s Chamber, but for the entrance and ‘air shafts’ the only detail is the Niche.

The top shape is one cubit wide and each shape increases by 1/2 a cubit till the base shape of 3 cubits wide. Observing this I imagined a 1/2 measure or 1/2 cubit would be more fitting, therefore the shapes would progress from 2, 1/2 cubits through to 6, 1/2 cubits at the base. Therefore the shapes may be named ‘shape two’ through to ‘shape six’

Then I looked at the heights of each shape in this half measure and noticed that each shape was a whole integer high plus a third or two thirds. Also I noticed that the top 3 shapes were of equal height. So I considered creating a further division by 3, and therefore a cubit divided by 6, or a Hexa-cubit. (HC) This measure neatly described all the dimensions of the Niche.

Using Hexa-cubits the Queen’s chamber plan looks like this

Now the floor plan is 66 HC wide by 60 HC deep, two numbers crucial to the one ring. And the base of the niche is 3 x 2 cubits = 6 cubits, or 18 x 12 HC = 216 = 63 HC.

The niche appears to conceal an occult measure which connects the shape of the chamber to the geometries of control, but I don’t think this makes the chamber satanic, rather I think it is the antidote, and these embedded numbers are a signpost.

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