The High Priestess

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Morgan-Greer tarot

The High Priestess is the occult tarot card, and counterpart to the Hierophant. Behind her is a veil of concealment hanging between Boaz and Jachin. She herself, is mostly concealed and in her lap is a scroll which she keeps to herself, or at least away from the uninitiated.

The cross or cruciger of the Merkaba hangs from her neck and she has both feet on the crescent shape, the implication being that she has calm control over this shape.

The same fine crescent is created by the 2 circles that map one iteration of the energy pattern, obviously the above is turned 90° as compared to the card. In the card the points of the crescent basically meet the pillars just as is the case with the energy pattern and Apollo’s Lyra.

The Book of Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley

The Crowley High Priestess is titled The Priestess and wears the headdress of Isis. Her veil is a net much like part of the one ring centring on her headdress. In the foreground sits a bounty and platonic solids, including a pine cone (see Mer-ry christmas)

The Statue of Liberty is inspired by the Roman god Libertas, who is the Romanised, Egyptian Isis. Unlike most versions of Libertas she has 7 rays emanating from her headdress, which might relate to the seven seas or ideas explored in Letters and Numbers

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