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The above slide show illustrates how Apollo’s Lyra is a rigid version of the organic Shamballa, and that the Roll Right Stones crop circle has subtle aspects that reflect either or both designs.

The correspondences of Apollo’s Lyra with the Shamballa and Energy patterns are many, but are difficult to discern from the above so I produced the following compound images to articulate each geometric connection.

2D Shamballa & 12 pentagrams

The outer shape of Shamballa is framed tightly on all sides by lines of the 12 pentagrams, but the interior of shamballa is also reflected by the inner ring of the 12 pentagrams.

2D Shamballa & Boaz & Earth Energy – Longitude – circles

These three elements all have internal shapes of equal proportion. (This is this circle that is added to complete the Black Sun)

Earth Energy – Latitude – circles & Jachin

The internal shapes of these two aspects are the same tight circle

Earth Energy – Latitude – circles & Boaz

The outer points of Boaz neatly meet the latitudinal energy lines.

Earth Energy – Longitude – circles & Jachin

Where energy lines meet is matched by the outer point of Jachin.

Earth Energy – Latitude – triangles & Boaz

The best till last… The outer lines of Boaz match the inner triangle sides of the latitudinal energy pattern,, perfectly

To create both Apollo’s Lyra and Shamballa, I followed my intuitions, synchronistic observations and solved many problems. Both paths were completely different in specific techniques, yet they overlay so perfectly, that I can’t fool myself into thinking that this is coincidence. Especially as the more rigid (and what one might want to argue as contrived) design came well before the more beautifully proportioned Shamballa.

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