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Particularly in freemasonry there is visible an interest in specific letters and numbers, these might be better understood via one of their symbols; the compass. Mapping the alphabet around a circle and corresponding numbers, but extending another circuit produces the above.

For Freemasonry the 33rd degree (as already mentioned) and the letter ‘G’ are clearly important and appear often as mysterious symbols. From the chart ‘G’ can be seen to correspond to 7 and 33.

Above door entrance of Israel on Campus Coalition in New York

Please forgive the quality and darkness of the above image, it shows a number of Egypto-symbols, and sits atop a stylised bound tree of life (not pictured.) Heavily framed and top-centre of this image is a prominent ‘W.’ ‘W’ corresponds to 23 and 49, and 49 is 72 and therefore might relate to the masonry ‘G’ and 33.

The Skull and Bones secret society (wiki) of Yale University, has ‘322’ as part of their logo. 322 maybe used to create many associated numbers.
3 x 22 = 66 as seen in the one ring
3 + 2 + 2 =7 see the following paragraph, and first regarding freemasonry
3 x 2 x 2 = 12 like the 12 pentagrams
32 x 2 = 64 = 43 which may relate to the 3 squares that construct the 12 pentagrams or to the higher dimensional cube that is the Merkaba

DEVIL’s\S DEN, near Clatforf. Wiltshire UK, courtesy of cropcircleconnector.com

The number 7 has appeared rather prominently in many places within my research, without obvious meaning, but certainly it has drawn my attention and curiosity. Possibly meaning enough, is its connection to 33 and related control vectors. (Eg. Ace of Discs)

Number 3 and the trinity is certainly worth noting. Many words containing Mer/A (Eg. Mer in Language) have a 3 fold aspect and trinities are very common in religions. And there is the idea of 3 wishes being made to a Genie or Djinn, which to my mind is a confusion of one wish repeated twice, something like a powerful mantra. and 3 is certainly relevant to the iterations of Apollo’s Lyra and Energy patterns

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