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Recently I heard of the Counting of the Omer (wiki), which counts the 7 weeks or 49 days from Jewish Passover to Shavuot.

Being 49 days, or 72 it connects to the ‘W’ discussed in letters and numbers and visible above the front door of the Israel on Campus Coalition in New York. W being the 23rd letter and 49th on second rotation.

Hard to ignore is the ‘Mer’ in Omer and its import to the majority of my research. The ‘O’ might allude, as described in the previous page Binary Extension to 15, the Devil Tarot card and the one ring.

Omer is also a place name in Israel and France. Omer in Israel borders Beersheba (wiki) which is referred to in the Bible and visited by Abraham and Isaac. Beersheba may translate as “the well of the Oath,” or “the well of the seven,” possibly the difference is semantic as apparently the taking of an oath may in Hebrew be “to seven oneself.” So again 7 or the Hebrew shiv’a or sheva’ appear connected with the idea of an oath which could well connect to a covenant and the Ark there named. The idea of the well is interesting too, a well is a means to draw out of the Earth.

Beersheba is in the South of Israel-Palestine, Northward runs the “Way of the Patriarchs” or Highway 60, passing through many biblical towns including Jerusalem, to end in Nazareth. This road runs North and South through the heart of the country and is designated 60, one of the 3 satanic numbers articulated in the one ring. 60° is exemplified by the 2 equilateral triangles (therefore 6 x 60° = 360° or a full circle), that form the Star of David, which is a two dimensional representation of the Merkaba.

The above brings to mind the now defunct and/or historical Route 66 in America, which ran from California to Chicago, the “Mother road” of yesteryear.

Saint-Omer is a commune in the very North of France, its name might be influenced by the Merovingians kings who had their beginnings a little to the East, nearer the mouth of the Rhine. Today this region is Belgium, its capital is Brussels and the heart of the EU, whose flag I have previously discussed (see Mer part III 12 pentagrams)

Left: Saint-Omer coat of arms
Centre: components divided at intersections
Right: components separated as whole lengths.

Saint-Omer’s coat of arms, or a design very similar appeared in the
Wachowski brothers (now sisters) movie “V for Vendetta” as the flag of the fascist government. By breaking the double cross at each intersection gives 7 sections, but by separating the horizontals from the verticals creates 3 sections. So this design may be seen to represent 3 and 7, by way of a simpler technique than the Norridge Wood crop circle

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