Queen’s Chamber – Shamballa

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Intuitively I wondered if the Shamballa shape would fit inside the Queen’s Chamber and found that with a slight turn it did so perfectly, with the inclusion of the conduit.

If the Shamballa shape is turned 5.9166° (or 5°55′) to the East, then it fits neatly into the chamber and above the conduit, though offset. Interestingly this degree of turn is 71/72 x 6°, which is the hexagon height divided by the Queen’s Chamber height, multiplied by 6°, which is a crucial number of the one ring.

The offset created by this turn, to the top and bottom points of the Shamballa shape is; 3.62 HC to the top point to the East, and 3.62 HC to the bottom point to the West. So the total offest top and bottom is 7.24 HC which is only 0.04 HC different to the offset of the Niche to the centre of the Queen’s chamber itself.

Turning the Shamballa shape to the West creates much the same effect

The way these shape knit together seems more than happenstance, but also it seems to be geometrically metaphorical of the way the Mer numbers of 6, 66, and 60 map around the energy patterns and shape of Shamballa. Though in the above model there is a path or conduit not taken…

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